• Tour with Multimedia Exposition
    Date: 8.09 (Friday)
    Descent location: Szyb Campi ul. Campi 15, Bochnia
    Time of descent: 2:30 p.m.
    Duration of the tour approximately 3 hours.
    There will be a guide in Polish and English.
    Please arrive at the entrance pavilion with a valid ticket at least 10 minutes early. Late arrivals will not be allowed to tour.
  • BOCHNIA SALT MINE – worth knowing

    1. The temperature in the mine is between 15 and 16°C, with relative humidity of 70%.
    2. Your are recommended to bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes.
    3. Along the tourist route, you will have to go up or down about 700 stairs.
    4. During your stay under the ground, you will be accompanied by a guide.
    5. Persons whose condition indicates consumption of alcohol or other similar substances are forbidden to go down into the mine.
    6. Only adults can go down into the mine unaccompanied.
    7. Children and youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
    8. In the mine, it is prohibited to carry or smoke tobacco or carry lighting material.
    9. Additional service for Polish-language guided tours: stay for up to 3 hours – PLN 204, overnight stay – PLN 336.
    10. Additional service for guided tours in foreign language: stay for up to 3 hours – PLN 304, overnight stay – PLN 396.
    11. Additional rafting service – PLN 300
    12. Counterindications for going down into the Mine: circulatory and respiratory insufficiency and claustrophobia.
    13. Rules of stay in the Bochnia Salt Mine



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