Payment regulations for participation in the scientific conference

In order to proceed, please read the Terms of Sale and accept them before clicking on the
Conference Payments via Internet Service – Terms of Sale

§ 1

For the purposes of this document selected terms are defined in the following way:
Service Provider – European Bison Friends Society ul. Ciszewskiego 8 pok. 42; 02-786 Warszawa (NCR – 0000241764); NATIONAL BUSINESS REGISTRY NUMBER – 140339365; TAX ID – 951-218-71-01.
Internet Service – the Internet Service with an internet site at, where information about scientific conference is published and which enables parties to purchase conference services.
Order – Customer’s statement expressing his or her will to purchase the right to participate in a conference.
Customer – Any person making a purchase in the online store or an organizational unit without legal personality which by law acquired special legal capacity and that places an order in connection with their business activities..
Business Customer – a natural person, a legal person, or an organizational unit without legal personality which by law acquired special legal capacity and that places an order in connection with their business activities.
National Customer – the customer who is domiciled and/or has the main office in the country (Poland).
Foreign Customer – the customer who is domiciled or has the main office abroad (not in Poland).
Conference – a conference advertised on the website in which Customer can participate after the purchase of participation performed via the Internet Service.
eCard – eCard S.A. located in Gdańsk, 80-387 Gdańsk, Arkońska 11, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Regional Court in Gdańsk – Gdańsk–
Północ, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, number 0000042304, with tax identification number: NIP: 521-31-03-040.

General Provisions
§ 2

1. Internet Service allows Customers to place Orders with regard to Conference participation via the Internet (online).
2. Service Provider conducts business activities in Poland, which does not affect the right to accept orders placed by Foreign Customers.
3. Customer’s clicking the internet service link to a conference offer results in his or her being automatically redirected to the Conference Organizer’s site, where relevant details concerning Conference participation are presented.
4. In order to use the Internet Service it is necessary to have access to the Internet.
5. Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any inability to use the Internet Service, or its parts, which results from Customer’s using improper browser, incorrect configuration of software or hardware, and does not guarantee that use of the Internet Service will be possible with all possible configurations of hardware and/or software.

Placing orders – methods and conditions. Entering a contract. Cancelling orders.
§ 3

1. A Customer can place orders for the products offered via the Internet Service. The Order should include:
a) the first and the family name, or the brand name of the Customer;
b) Customer’s home or office address;
c) e-mail address;
d) Customer’s phone number.
2. Orders can be placed electronically by completing the registration form available on the website: (it is required that the registration form must be completed correctly);
3. In the case of online payment, the information provided by the Customer in the order form shall be automatically transferred to the eCard system.
4. Personal data provided by the Customer in connection with placing an Order is processed solely for the purpose of the Order. Service Provider acts as administrator of the data.
5. Customers’ personal data must be protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws [Dz. U.]
of 2002., No. 101, item 926, with amendments). Providing personal data is voluntary, however, absence of relevant information may affect performance on the part of Service Provider or the Conference organizer and make proper processing of Orders impossible.
6. Customers have the right to access and amend their data; they also have the right to demand that their data processing be terminated subject to the provisions laid down in the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data.
7. All requests in this regard should be submitted in writing at the administrator’s address on pain of nullity.

Price. Payment.
§ 4

1. The prices listed in the description of the Conference are gross prices.
2. Upon receipt of payment, the Conference organizer shall issue a VAT invoice, if required by the Customer. Please note that a receipt of payment (invoice) will be given to participants during the conference (28-30 September 2016), at the registration desk.
3. The customer shall be able to perform payment for their purchases in the form of pre-payment in one of the forms indicated below:
a) payments made by Bank Transfer if Customer has an account at one of the banks operating in the country (should be realized within 7 days since the day of the online registration). Please ensure your payment includes all bank charges. Payments should be made to:
Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Żubrów European Bison Friends Society
ul. Ciszewskiego 8 pok. 42
02-786 Warszawa
Account number: PL 56124011251111001008727386
Pekao SA IX. Warsaw
b) online payments supported by eCard:
– fully automatic high speed electronic transfers (“PayByLink”)
– or using a credit card – for Customers who do not have bank accounts in the country and for Foreign Customers.
4. After successful payment, the Customer will be informed by e-mail that the payment has been received for the chosen conference.
5. Service Provider, or the Conference organizer, reserves the right to withdraw from the Contract, should the information provided by the Customer in the order form be incomplete or incorrect.
6. In order to receive a VAT invoice it is necessary that Customer should pass all information essential for issuing such an invoice to Conference organizer.

§ 5

1. Customer has the right to withdraw from his or her participation in the Conference without giving any reasons within 14 days from the date of payment for participation in the Conference. The Conference organizer shall return only an amount equal to the value of the purchased goods to the designated bank account or address. Additional costs associated with placing an Order and payments are not refundable. Together with the withdrawal document, the Customer should produce the relevant fiscal receipt or VAT invoice. Failure to produce a valid proof of purchase of goods in the Online Store will result in the inability to process refund.
2. In cases when a refund connected with withdrawal is granted, Customers who purchased Conference participation with the use of foreign currency (including payments via eCard) shall be refunded the price paid for participating in the Conference calculated according to the official exchange rate of the day of the refund.
3. Conference organizer shall process refunds within 14 days of the receipt of the claim or the statement concerning Customer’s withdrawal.

Other provisions
§ 6

1. Any active use of the Internet Service means Customer’s consent to all terms and his or her accepting the information contained herein.
2. Service Provider reserves the right to change the present Terms of Sale. Service Provider shall publish information about the introduced changes on the Service website.
3. Changes in the Terms of Sale come into force on the day of their publication on the website without any retroactive effect.
4. To all matters not regulated in the present Terms of Sale relevant provisions of the binding Polish law, including the Civil Code, shall apply.

I have read the document and accept the Terms of SalePayment regulations for participation in the scientific conference

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